The Green Revolution which Peter Maurin advocated 80 years ago was one in which people went from the cities back to the land and rejected the sinfulness of the Industrial Revolution. Throughout the 20th Century, as the urban and suburban areas swelled via technological advances resulting from industrialism, militarism, nuclearism and materialism, handfuls of folks (who recognized the unhealthiness of these new systems of social order) trickled back to the land to try to reclaim the simplicity of an agriculture-based society. (That true Green Revolution is not the one that used chemicals in the later 20th Century to increase yields by rapidly depleting the soil.) The true Green Revolution includes saving seeds and keeping things pure (non-GMO, non-pesticide, non-herbicide) and sustainable--so sustainable that it's a high-yield, less-labor kind of farming.
IN THE CURRENT ERA OF CLIMATE CHANGE many Catholic Workers Farmers believe it's necessary to plant more food-bearing trees, more perennial crops, and learn how to identify and eat non-cultivated (wild) foods, as well as continuing to fight the forces driving climate change, war, and other ecological/humanitarian disasters.

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or you can download Marc's synthesis of Peter Maurin's Primer for a CW Farm. You can also read Daniel Marshall's summaries and Brian Terrell's work regarding Peter Maurin.

On May 24th 2014 the Earth Abides Catholic Worker Farm in California held its second
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gathering to delve into integral nonviolence along the lines of Peter Maurin's vision for the Green Revolution (a Catholic Worker intro).
This year we will do the same as last year, including time for meditation, liturgy, solitude, togetherness, discussions on integral nonviolence and resistance to environmental terrorists like Monsanto & the NNSA/D.o.E. We'll also have a work party to raise the roof of the outdoor produce palapa and a how-to session on solar box cooking.

The retreat of October 2013 was significant for the participants, who built a greenhouse during the event. That structure helped immensely with our winter crops. Our HIV retreatants got fresh salads in February, March and April that were locally produced at last! In May of 2014, our second Faith, Farming, Resistance Retreat, we'll do other work projects.
Faith, Farming and Resistance
Faith, Farming and Resistance
Faith, Farming and Resistance
Faith, Farming and Resistance
The point of the first two Faith, Farming and Resistance Retreats is to bring folks into the Mother Lode Gold Country (the bio-region for California's 37-year old Catholic Worker Farm) out to Earth Abides to enjoy the healing earth-based hospitality of the land itself for humans while learning how the growth of food can teach us about resisting the sins of Monsanto. Similar to Pacific Life and Atlantic Life Communities' "Faith and Resistance" retreats, the Retreat at Earth Abides is a time to connect with other humans as we seek courage, love and wisdom for ending the violence of nuclearism and agribusiness. At the California CW Farm (which supports monthly HIV+ retreats along with bio-intensive gardening) the "Faith, Farming and Resistance" retreat is devoted to deepening our practices of nonviolence and resistance to the domination systems specifically through daily practice of food production from gardening and other essentially life-sustaining practices. The Faith, Farming and Resistance Retreat is designed to be a few days of contemplation, construction, farming and discussion.This Catholic Worker Farm is the setting for this Christ-centered resistance to capitalism, militarism, racism and nuclearism. Retreatants get a chance to practice seed-saving, simple living, solar power, soil improvement, and serving the common good.

It's been "the right time" during the past 80 years to live differently (to live as Peter Maurin suggested for industrialized country folk) and the USA has been overdue during the past 70 years to shift from a globalized military-industrial complex to a localized economy of sustainability & nonviolence. Currently Sr. Megan, Greg, and Mike have been sentenced to multiple years of imprisonment, so we keep praying for their release, AND for other Christians to follow Jesus in similar ways of nuclear abolition.

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