What's Wrong With Nuclearism?

One of the greatest problems facing American society is the confluence of consumerism, racism, and extreme militarism that allows the philosophy of nuclearism to go unchecked. In California on Ash Wednesday, a handful of Catholic Workers and others are scheduled to be in conflict with the lethal spirit of nuclearism at Livermore, CA. These peaceful, nonviolent prayer-activists denounce nuclearism due to the biological mandate to resist genocide, the spiritual mandate of improving conditions for healthy relationships, and the human mandate of altruistic concern for the our own species. Livermore's nuclear weapons laboratory needs to be peacefully transformed into an anti-nuclear facility, meaning a place that is responsible for cleaning up the decades of radioactive contamination, education on the past foolishness of reckless nuclear science, and promotion of safe, humane, renewable energy, whether high-tech or low-tech.

Statement by Catholic Worker Farmers--January 2011