What Is A Catholic Worker Farm?
Feel free to write letters to Catholic Worker Farms and Urban Gardening Groups.
As autonomous groups self-identifying as "Catholic Workers",
everyone naturally has a voice and a way to explain/govern themselves.

Statement by Catholic Worker Farmers--January 2011

A person who is a proponent of anarchism and/or a participant in anarchy.

The functional practice of social groups living out the ideals of freedom, respect, sharing, mutual-aid, and egalitarianism. Also known as autonomous, self-organized social order aiming for justice and opposing capitalism among other -isms.

The philosophy and/or ideology that hierarchy is harmful to social order. This usually includes support of autonomy, self-control, voluntary cooperation (no coercion), egalitarianism, consensus decision-making power, and opposition to capitalism and other exploitive domination systems. Subsequent philosophies/ideologies/religions of anarchism are listed in wikiness.